What we did this winter…

Keeping toddlers entertained is hard work, especially if you don’t want them to be just sat in-front of the television all day!

For those of you who aren’t aware my girl attend one of the best Nurseries in London. It’s an outdoor nursery ‘Little forest folk’ I’d highly recommend it shes been there for almost a year now (after being on the waiting list for 1 Year!). Okay I’m diverting, will come back to the nursery in another post.

So I am mummy who hates the TV and if I lived on my own I wouldn’t have one in the house seriously (will write another blog later about my views on technology). I want to plan our winter holidays and keep my daughter well entertained. So what we did….

We went Ice skating at the Natural history museum in the first week of her Holidays. She wanted to ice skate in December 2016 when she was only 2 years and 10 months old, and I refused because I was scared I have never been ice skating. And when I inquired at the ticket office there were no tickets till much later that evening (and they were so expensive).


So why in December 2017? Because I saw an advert in the the ‘Angels & Urchins’ magazine that said it was only £11 for one adult and toddler to ice skate before 3pm and get a free hot chocolate each from the Hotel Chocolate van! What a bargain.

Except when I tried to purchase the tickets online it just when to a blank page every time I went to the payment page. So I decided to buy them once I got there only to be told that the offer expired last week! I was so upset because the magazine didn’t state any exclusions. So now I had to pay £17 for an adult and £11 for a child and that is not including any hot chocolate (which came at an extra price of £3.50 each). So I set of from home hoping to take my girl on a trip that would only cost me a train ticket and £11 for ice skating and a hot drink (as I had already taken a packed lunch for us both). We had a look around the history museum which was free and my little girl can never get enough of the Dinosaurs. Except she was devastated to see that Dippy wasn’t there! She screamed down hall ways. Seriously she was distraught… it took ages to calm her down we had to get the museum staff to talk to her and explain why etc.


How empty does the hall look without Dippy…. its just naked!


It was a great day out all in all. I did follow up the advertised price and we managed to bag a free pair of ice skating tickets on our chosen day. So we went back on the 7th January 2018 and it was great (the ice rink gets taken down on the 7th January). We ended our day with a trip to Harrods where she got her locks curled, sprayed with glitter and had a glitter tattoo all for free on the 3rd floor (Toy Kingdom).


She also went to the Transport Museum with her Aunt and cousin which she enjoyed but was exhausted.

I did want to take her to Kew gardens but just didn’t get round to it as she had parties to attend and we had plenty of family time at home, visiting family etc.



MA in Applied Linguistics & English Language Teaching.

So finally five years later I’ve completed my masters. 

But now what?

The reason I started the MA five years ago is no longer the direction I wish to take. I’m so confused help me….

For all of you who don’t know I started the master when I was single and not a mother, I had planed to use it to get me a job abroad travel and earn some tax free money. But during the course of the five years that it took me to complete allot has happened since, I got married, pregnant and divorced before I gave birth. So I’ve had a bit of a journey, my MA was placed on hold through this and the motivation to complete it had died.

Only up until recently after my daughter tuned 2 I realised that I only have 2016 to complete it if not I loose everything I’ve done. Yes… There’s a deadline you have to complete it in five years. So I pulled my socks up and made it happened. I just received an email and letter yesterday inviting me to the graduation ceromony, which I’m reluctant to attend but I feel I should. Why? To put a smile on my parents face.

I don’t even know what to do with this MA. Sorry I’m repeating myself.  I don’t even know how I managed to get it my English sucks. 

I’m not even happy that I completed it and I have no excitement. So strange isn’t it. A piece of paper granting me an MA and I’m just not bothered. I feel no gratitude or achievement from it. I feel empty actually.

Please do comment and give me some direction as to where I should go with this MA.