My little princess is four next month and she still likes to sit in carriage…

Okay so there is allot of controversy around this ‘pushchair’s and when to give them up?’

I personally love having a pushchair with me it’s almost like I need it more than my little girl. It’s great you can put all you shopping in it and have your hands free. And if you’re on a long shop, as I will be next weekend on the last day of the Harrods sale… we both need it. Princess can’t walk for that long and I need something to carry all my shopping. Yes Harrods does offer customer collection, but it’s not sensible to use it on the last day of the sale as you’ll be queuing up to collect your shopping.

So I had the ICandy raspberry the 1st model that came out but last week I took it to the history museum and not sure how but I broke it at the wheel of the chassis!

The raspberry is just the best its compact and it carry’s allot in the basket. My daughter sleeps fine in it, it lies flat! I took it to Dubai, India and was looking forward to taking it to Germany and Pakistan next month.

Only drawback is when I washed the black seat with a jet wash it dried and there where white water marks? Not sure why. Also the straps to lock her in could do with being longer as my girls pretty small and at four she’s finding the straps tight.

I am now looking to get a new pushchair because I think I need one for another year or so. I babysit my nephews often too and that means I take 3 kids out. The youngest being 2 years old. And I have another niece or nephew on the way. So I guess I would like to get a buggy that easily converted into a double and can have a child stand and ride. I believe that ICandy do a great version the Orange. Does anyone have one can I have some feedback on what it’s like?

orange icandy 6


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