Twickenham nursery schools….

The search was crazy. So I put my little girl in at 18months. 

But it was so difficult at first to select a nursery there’s so many out there. 

I looked at the ones closest to home ofcourse. But nothing quite tickled our fancy.

My brothers boys attend an Asquith Hounslow, the staff were great nice room. Well equipt. Great child friendly furniture. Balanced diet menus. But the garden was tiny. And when I say tiny I mean tiny!

The rooms didn’t have enough natural light and the mangers all seemed grumpy. 

Only upside was great room staff and good food and furniture. 

All in all it didn’t feel like my daughters place.

Then we went to all the other Asquith branches, including Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington. I was impressed by the food except that some branches didn’t have on site kitchens (which put me off) so food was deliver in. Some staff were nice, including managers. But it just seemed like they were churning out children and the staff were pressured to fill in loads of paper work.

I then popped in to a rather unusual nursery.

Annie’s Nest

It was the one…

A home from home…

Well rather a long waiting list, but do still enquire places do pop up.

When I called to visit it wasn’t easy to go and see them because they are just such a busy nursery and restrict visits to Friday mornings early so it doesn’t distrust the children routines. And rightly so I was impressed by this.

As I drove pass to park on my visit my first thought was ‘what an unusual building!’

So I walk up and there’s a gate with PIN number access. Good security! 

Then the front doors opened by the owner a parent himself of two boys ‘Kenny’; a uplifting smell of lemon grass oil hits me wow that’s a very fresh smell for a building full of babies. Nice! 

The three floor building is filled with natural light, you have to see it to feel the difference between this and a standard nursery.

The rooms are large, long and have plenty of open space. They are not cluttered with toys, unlike other nurseries I’ve visited. They have a nice sandpit space as you enter.

I knew it immediately this is our chosen nursery. They have no garden. Thats right but it the best bit about it… Why? you ask, 

Because the children are taken to one of the seven different parks that surround the nursery!

They leave the building to go for a walk in the fresh air and play in a different park daily. I think that’s much better than having an outdoor play area.

They are the by far the cheapest nursery in the borough of Richmond upon Thames. They have great staff that are well paid and only work four days a week and have three days off, so they have plenty of rest so that they are fresh and full of energy when they return to work.

I have to make my daughter a packed lunch. I don’t mind because I know what she’s eating. They provide breakfast, milk and water. 

I highly recommend it. 

The children learn Spanish. The staff are loving, effectionate and give plenty if cuddles.

You get a diary of what your child did that day, pictures and what they ate, when they slept, how many nappies they changed etc. This is sent to you before you collect your child.

When my daughter went for her first settling in session she was there for about two hours. When it was time to go home, I had to carry her out and she was screaming…. 

Because she didn’t want to go home! Now that’s how you know your child’s in the right place and you’ve made the right choice.

She still at Annie’s nest and still loves it at three years old.

*please note I have not been paid or given free childcare to write the above by any parties.


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