Potty training! About time…..

I thought I would have my girl out of nappies by the time she’s 18months! Sounds crazy right? 

It’s not really I was at a gymnastics session and noticed a little girl who looked like she was just 14months with leggings on and there was no bulging nappy or pull-up…
So I asked her mother is she potty trained ? And to my shock she was. Her mother told me she was 18months and she trained herself!

Really? Are you serious I thought. She said that she had an older sister who’s 4 and she would just follow her to the toilet and copy her. 

This little girl refused to wear nappies even at night, so her mother told me she had to wait till she fell asleep to put one on. Funny girl. So it’s possible to have them dry at 18months. 

But here I was with my  2.5 yr old still in nappies! 

I sat her on a potty every morning from the time she sat upright… Seriously! So in actual fact you could say I started or semi started potty training at 7months. But she wasn’t dry till 30months!

There was an advantage to this as she sat on the potty in the morning I would give her a book and get on with my morning routine, brushing my teeth etc.

And before I knew it she was weeping & pooing in the potty every morning. So this was an introduction to the potty. And we didn’t really get any further than this introduction for a very long time. I only realised the advantage of what I had done when my Brothers son was being trained and he was dry at 2 but he had an absolute fright when it came to pooing on a potty or toilet! Crazy, then I heard so many parents face this problem. So I gave my self a pat on the back for doing something right.

Potty train in India!

August 2015 

 We were going to Kerala for a month to an ayrevedic resort and I would be totally free to just eat, sleep, be massaged and potty train ofcourse.

At this time my girl was 18months and I was convinced she could do it. I hadn’t read any books I just took my potty and pull-ups with me. This was my mistake taking pull ups don’t do it!

When you potty train they remove a nappy and wear a under pant there is no in between. They just exchange a nappy for a pant. So anyhow I tried to train her for the full month! And failed ofcourse. 

So I came back to London and read some books and articles and learnt a few important points:

1. If you try and fail stop and give it a break and try after a while maybe a month or so.

2. Each child’s different some are dry at 18months others at 3 yrs old. It’s when there ready.

3. Don’t stress it works when you and the child are both relaxed, so have time for it put everything down when you plan to train and just dedicate your one whole wk to potty training. They will be dry in 7 days I’ve tried it after failing.

4. Swap nappies for underpants not a pull up

5. Let them see you go to the toilet and encourage them to use the potty at the same time.

6. You don’t need to buy a potty training toolkit. All I used was a potty and under pant the towel ones are good they soak up accidents and prevent there’s being puddles on the floor. I would put her two underpants in order to absorb any accidents.

I bought a pourty potty from Johnlewis for 9.95 gap a little expensive I thought but great pouring feature well worth it.

And I used bambino Mia training pants, I bought 5. And the underwear I liked was from gaps toddler range the fabrics thicker than the standard ones you get from any other brand.

* please note that I have not been paid to mention these products nor was I given them for free to write about them.

Her diary of potty trading went a bit like this she started training at 2.5 after I witnessed an 18months old with out nappies.

Day one 7 accidents

Day two 5 accidents

Day three 2 accidents

Day four 1 accident

Day five 1 accidents

Day six & seven she was dry no accidents.

7. You need a potty, underpants and pleanty, a bucket which I filled with water and soap and put all her soiled or wet clothes in when she had accidents. A treat to bribe them with I used dry fruit you should know what your toddler likes. I tried the reward chart but it didn’t work for my daughter, it might work for your toddler.

8. Once accomplished don’t get upset if they have the odd accident because it’s natural. When my daughter gets very tired or gets carried away with playing she can sometimes wet herself.

9. Its simple don’t complicate it. Keep a paper to jot down how often they wee, poo etc and this will give you an idea of how often to remind them to go to the toilet and eventually they will start telling you themselves.
Feel free to ask me any questions I would be very happy to advise. 

All the best.


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