BMW X5…. ‘no’ I candy peach 3!

Try it to believe it…

Smooth running, robust, strong, smooth to drive.IMG_1319-0 DSCF4924 (2)

Feels unusually light. Clean attractive appearance. Was simple to remove from packaging when it arrived easy to put together and get started.

It glides on the pavement.

 My daughter sits init like she’s on a throne!

A princess is how she makes out to be ( not sure if that’s just her personality or the way she feels when in the peach 3).

She rode init to the baby show and we tried it out on the bus, underground, overground and British rail all for the very first time. It was exceptionally easy to get on and of trains despite the large gap on the British rail at some stations I managed as the large wheels assist with this. Richmond park was fine on the paths but we could have done with all terrain wheels.

Whats important to us all when we buy our babies wheels is how easy is it to fold and opens? Easy, if my mum can do it so can you check out the demo video. It fits in my A class boot fine only have to remove one wheel; that’s easy too just the press of a button. The seat recline positions are great and the adjustable handles easy to adjust with a push of one button.

What would I change if anything? If only the seat lay flat I wouldn’t need to buy a separate carry cot. This ones for you Icandy, can you create the next version without the fixed angle so it lies completely flat and folds flat when stored? Also can you sell a set of all terrain wheels?

My daughter sleeps well init at 8 months even without the complete flat seat. It’s almost impossible to find a pushchair in this range on the market that does a lie flat position.

Forgot to mention rain covers great easy to put on too.

My mother the Gran gives it the thumbs up and that’s all  that matters in my family… Lol.  One last note the shopping basket is easily accessible and carries loads!

Any one got a pair of theses wheels?

what are your views on the peach 3?


Kew gardens



my nephew wanted to jump in the basket for a picture



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