Selecting a Buggy?

So for my first baby “Amaa” I was so confused I had no real budget set in mind. The buggy search was a bit like buying a car. I visited mothercare, kiddicare and John Lewis all in search for the perfect set of wheels for my girl. And even spent hours online….

Honestly there is far too much choice in the market and that’s what drove me crazy.

So to narrow it down I set myself a budget, what functionality I want, then  looked at a few brands that matched what I was looking for and this narrowed it right down to Bugaboo and Icandy. I had my mind set on buying the Raspberry or the Bee3.

download (1)download (2)

So I set out to John Lewis with my mother and Amaa only to come back empty handed! All because my dear mother didn’t quiet like either of them she was not happy as they were to low, and she described them a flimsy looking, small framed and uncomfortable. All of which I didn’t agree with of course…

So we were back on the drawing board with me still trying to convince her that the Icandy raspberry’s the one. Any how in short I ended up with the peach3  and my mother loves it being the main user. My review of it will follow.


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